1. The following conditions apply to all sales and conditions of purchase, which differ from these, are not valid, unless they have been approved by us in writing.
  2. Goods requested by special order must be collected within 3 months, unless a different arrangement has been agreed. Agreed delivery dates are dependent on an orderly jobs market and operational circumstances, as well as on punctual and safe arrival of raw materials and auxiliary supplies. No damages will be paid in the event of delayed delivery or if delivery is impossible. In these instances, the purchaser may only withdraw from the agreement after he has give an appropriate grace period of at least 6 weeks. The supplying company is discharged from its service obligation in the event of shortages in materials and labour, operational interruptions, strikes, lockouts, transport difficulties, including in third party companies, if upstream suppliers experience delayed deliveries or if it becomes impossible for them to deliver, civil unrest, war and actions taken by public authorities as well as any other intervention by a higher power.
  3. The supplying company will select an appropriate method of packaging. However, it is not liable for damage during transit.
  4. Goods are always transported at the purchaser’s risk.
  5. If any differences exist in the specification of the goods, which is caused by the nature of the raw material, the purchaser may not assert any claim against the supplying company. The nominal values given for the thickness, weight per meter and breaking strength may vary by up to 10 % above or below.
  6. Complaints about defective goods should be made within 8 days after receipt. Justified complaints give an entitlement for goods to be exchanged. The purchaser is not authorized to withdraw from the contract, to assert any claim for damages or to withhold any compensatory measures due.
  7. Amounts billed will be based on the dispatch weights, lengths in metres and numbers of units indicated by the supplying company.
  8. If the purchaser’s financial situation during the period of the contract appears unfavourable or the supplying company receives, in it own judgment, inadequate information about this or if the purchaser’s ability to pay appears doubtful or the purchaser does not meet his obligations to pay on time, then the supplying company is entitled to demand advance payments or a prior guarantee of the purchase price for deliveries for all current contracts. The supplying company may in these circumstances withdraw in full or in part from the contracts, notwithstanding any other rights to which it is entitled.
  9. Demands for payment of the purchase price become due immediately – even if any exchanges had been given – if goods are refused, if acceptances requested are rejected, if obligations from previous transactions have not been fulfilled, if the business or any essential assets are sold or if payments are suspended.
  10. All payments should be made exclusively to the supplying company and no later than 30 days after the invoice date. Default interest will be billed for any delay in receipt of payments in the amount of 1 % for every new month. Costs and expenses will also arise.

All payments will be regarded as being made against the entire negative account debt.

  1. Any goods delivered remain the property of the supplying company until all claims resulting from the contract for business including ancillary costs have been paid in full and until all related bills of exchange and checks have been redeemed.

Where the purchaser may retain in law ownership or joint-ownership of the goods by means of combining, mixing or processing, it shall be deemed to have been agreed that the supplying company will reacquire ownership or joint-ownership at the same time as the purchaser acquires ownership of the new product

At the same time, the purchaser assumes the obligation to keep the goods safe at his expense and in good order. If the goods come into the possession of a third party, the purchaser will then assign his right to recover from the third party to the supplying company. The purchaser may only sell goods, which have not been paid in full, as part of an

orderly business transaction. This authorization ends once payment is received or if any proceedings relating to bankruptcy, insolvency or similar for the purpose of avoiding bankruptcy are initiated.

In the event that he sells goods, which have not been paid in full, the purchaser will assign to the supplying company the debts and all ancillary costs due to him from his customer, until all of the supplying company’s claim have been settled.

Using goods, which have not been paid in full, as any kind of deposit or security or assigned claim is not permitted.

At the request of the supplying company, the supplier should immediately make known his debtor and also the amount owed, should inform the debtor of this subrogation and should instruct him to make payment to the supplying company exclusively. The supplying company reserves the right to inform the purchaser’s debtor of this subrogation and to demand direct payment in its own right. The supplying company will not collect on the assigned claim, provided that the purchaser meets his obligations to make payments.

The supplying company should be informed immediately of any garnishment and the garnisher should be identified.

The supplying company reserves the right to repossess goods of which they have ownership – in particular in the event of numbers 8 and 9.

  1. Place of fulfillment and legal venue is Braunschweig.
  2. Prices subject to change, net prices without VAT,

minimum order value 150 euros.

  1. Free delivery within Germany for invoice totals of 500 euros without VAT. Below 500 euros without VAT freight collected from the factory.
  2. All products made of metal or wood direct from the factory.
  3. Returns

Unless they are faulty, goods, which have been ordered and delivered in an orderly fashion, may not normally be returned, unless the customer has any legal right of cancellation.

In exceptional circumstances, which require our express agreement, the goods may only be returned to us within 14 days from the date of the invoice. In this event, and provided that the goods are returned in unblemished, saleable condition in their original packaging, we will issue a credit note for an amount determined at our discretion. We will make a single deduction of at least 20% of the net value of the goods as a fee for re-stocking. Returns should always be sent to us carried free of charge and duty paid as appropriate.

17. Packaging costs

parcels: up to 3.0 kg
up to 31.5 kg
delivery by pallet:

  1. Disk spools include a deposit and may be sent back to us free of charge in exchange for a credit note:
Item no.



02+ 4 mm

per spool

0,75 €

990002 05+ 6 mm 1,00 €
990003 08–12 mm 1,30 €
990004 14–16 mm 3,30 €
990005 for Niro wire ropes 5,00 €

Minimum quantity surcharge for non-standard lengths(delivery option reserved)

up to 14 mm over 16 mm
up to 100 metres 30 % 20 %
ab 100 metres 15 % 10 %

Prices apply to lengths taken from original spools.

Spool lengths as stated in the catalogue.

For coloured lines please also state the colour code or the colour.