Tradition meets future

Quality since 1745

Quality since 1745

Since 1745 Seilflechter offers quality ropes „Made in Germany“ for different branches like industry, water sports, forest, offroad, DIY stores and others. More than 140,000 meters of rope are produced each day in Braunschweig. The company has been DIN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified.


From the dinghy to the yacht or catching the perfect wave on a board. Once you have been gripped by the passion for the sea, it won’t let you go.

Shipyard owners, fans of water sports and outfitters know for a long time that they can rely on the quality products from SEILFLECHTER – from halyards and sheets to mooring lines and anchor systems. We have the full range available for all sizes of keel. Regardless of whether you are looking for special solutions or shackles in 100 different designs. This means that you can set to sea in a relaxed manner.

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With us you can bring out your inner lumberjack.

Wood is becoming more and more popular as a supplier for heat. And a lot of people are relying on the renewable raw material in the private sector. In addition, it is used in many industrial companies.

However, the extraction of wood is associated with some effort. Heavy tree trunks must be felled, pulled and loaded. And all of this without any risk to people or environment.
For this we have the right safety and lifting technologies available – from crown safety ropes to belt ratchets and throwing lines. And our weatherproof tarpaulins protect your fresh wood harvest when it is deposited.

Our Novoleen® ropes made of high-modulus polyethylene have maximum tensile strength and are resilient like a wire rope, only significantly lighter. They are perfect for pulling winches. We have special aids such as the animal lifting harness in our program for the particularly gentle recovery of game, cattles and horses up to 1,000 kilos.

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Going off-road gives you the feeling of really being alive, which you can only experience when you go off the beaten track. Pushing your vehicle to its limit, but always with safety. Our tried and tested technic, which is also appreciated by LandRover and specialist Jeep dealers, can help you with this. Novoleen® ropes from Seilflechter have achieved excellent results many times in tests for their first-class resistance to abrasion and low stretch. It can be wound easily onto a rope drum, has perfect running stability and is resistant to acid, oil, petrol and UV-radiation. Relubricating was yesterday!

In addition we sell complete recovery equipment, belts, kinetic ropes and much more. So that your 4×4 outdoor adventure can be a big one.

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Event technology

Lights off, spotlight on! Once the show starts and the crowd begins to heat up, the sound is right and the light show gets the place buzzing, everything in the backup has to be right. Safety has a major role for both the stars on the stage and the audience.
So that everything runs smoothly, we, the rigging experts, keep a massive range of high-performance equipment for the event sector ready.

It doesn’t matter whether it is matt black ropes made of flame-retardant material, the huge range of pulleys or blocks. One thing is certain: with us you can turn every stage event into a real spectacle. That also offers maximum security. See for yourself.

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Fire brigade

For an operation the fire brigade needs tested products with very high quality and safety standards.

Our original Seilflechter fire brigade ropes have an EC-Type Examination Certificate. They are made of polyester and used by a lot of national and international, professional fire brigades.

In addition, they exceed the requirements of the DIN according to the manufacturer’s information in all criteria.

Convince yourself!

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Overhead line construction

Anyone who is working at high level requires personal protective equipment (PPE), which provides reliable protection against falls and other risks.

We have everything you need for your operation, in very best quality and of course including all needed certificates. This is because it is all about protecting you.

We ensure security at the highest level. Contact us!

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Germany is the world champion at exporting, and wherever lots of things are being produced, they also need to be moved, lifted and secured. Transporting things like machine plant or rotors for wind turbines to their final destination in Germany or abroad can sometimes be very complicated.

Nothing can be transported without straps, nothing can be lifted without chains or slings, no loads can be moved around without hoists.

For all these situations SEILFLECHTER keeps a massive range of more than 10,000 products. We offer for each task and each sector the right solution; directly from our stock in Braunschweig.

The focus is always on the safety, so that none of your employees is run into danger. And ergonomic products protect the health.
All of our products are certified to the highest quality standards and meet the most demanding requirements. Guaranteed!

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Product test

Seilflechter welcomes Lukas Hesse to the team of professional product testers (center), young German junior sailors in the 69F discipline, with ambitious goals.

Frithjof Kleen (left) – Olympic athlete, starboat dragon world champion 2014, develops high-performance ropes for regatta sailors.

Bernd Flessner (right) – 16-times German champion and multiple overall winner of the German windsurf cup and product tester since 2017